Add an Audit Programme

What are the different Audit Program types used for? When you are configuring an Audit Program you will be able to choose between three different kinds of audits: Internal Audits Site Audits (you may invite Site contacts to participate in the audit through the Audit Portal) Site Self-assessments (you may invite Site contacts to participate […]

Add an Internal Audit Record

1. Enter Internal Audit Details The date of the audit. The start date and time of the audit. The finish date and time of the audit. By default the auditor specified in the audit program will appear here. However, if necessary, this can be changed. Select the Employees in attendance during the audit and specify […]

Add a Site Audit Record

Prepare Audit Plan The date the audit planning will commence. Assign responsibility for the audit to a user. Give the audit program a name that describes the nature of it Categorize the audit for the system, i.e. is it an initial audit or a follow up etc? Define the scope of the audit program Define […]

Add a Site Self Assessment

1. Enter Self Assessment Details Select the date of the self assessment report. Select the main contact point for the site. Select the person who completed the self assessment report (this may or may not be the main contact). Include the position of this person within the company structure. 2. Enter Self Assessment Audit Report […]