Add a Complaint

Adding a Complaint (Video) 1. Enter Customer & General Details of Complaint Choose the date of the complaint. Declare the customer the complaint relates to. State the source of the complaint, i.e. Did it come from central purchasing or a regulatory body? etc. What was the method through which the complaint was received. E.g. Email, […]

Generate Complaint Response

You can associate documents from the Documents module with non-conformance categories in the categories module. This means that when a customer complaint is created it is easy to retrieve the relevant complaint response for that particular non-conformance. 1. Associate Response Document with Non-conformance The first step is to ensure that you have associated the relevant […]

Working with Response Templates

When using Response Templates for your Customer Complaints you have the option of using a Microsoft Word file with MergeFields so that when the complaint response is generated it will replace certain information in your Word file with information from the Complaint Record itself. This can save you time and reduce the likelihood of errors […]