Main Dashboard

Live Updates

The Updates tab on your main dashboard provides a continuous feed of 20+ food industry sources from around the world including the FDA, USDA, EU Commission and local agencies. As a Quality Manager of a food business it is essential that you keep yourself up to speed with the industry landscape and that you are […]

My Actions

The ‘My Actions’ tab on the Main Dashboard provides the currently logged in user with a list of actions specifically requiring their attention. Throughout Safefood 360° as programs are built and records created you will often assign tasks and actions, or assign responsibility for programs to certain individuals within your company. Previously it was difficult […]

My Alerts

1. View Alerts Scroll through the list of Alerts and click on the Alert to be taken straight to that record. 2. Archive Alert Click the Archive button to remove the Alert from your Alerts feed.

My Calendar

My Calendar is able to show you a visual snapshot view of your coming day, week, and month. The different events are color coded according to their associated risk. Calendar Features Use the arrow buttons to scroll the timeline back and forwards Click “Today” to come back to the current day Use these buttons to […]