Add a New Document

1. Enter Document Details Enter the title of the document. Include a brief description of the document. Set the starting version number for the document. Click to select the document file from your computer. Select a folder to place the document. The module comes with a pre-defined set of master folders (shown with a gray […]

View a Document

There are two ways to open a document to view its contents. 1. Download the Document Clicking Actions > Download will prompt your browser to download the file and open it on your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the file you may modify the file on your own computer and finally upload a new version of […]

Modify a Document

1. Download Latest Version to your Computer Documents are not directly editable within the Safefood360˚ software. In order to modify a document you should first download it to your computer. There are two ways to download a document. Click Actions > Download, or Click the latest Version number or File Name in the Version History […]

Add a New Document Version

1. Select Existing Document Open the existing document from the document control module. Using search is often the quickest way to locate a file. Once you have found the correct document, simply click the name. Click the small arrow if you want to open the document in a new browser tab. 2. Edit the Document […]

Approve a Document

Both Approving and Reviewing a document follow the same procedure. Here, reviewing a document in the documents module involves analyzing (reviewing) a document, when changes can be made, and accepting (approving) changes that are made to this document by another user. Once approved the document is then finalized in the system and can be used […]

Find a Document

There are two ways to find a document. 1. Browse the Folder List Click to expand the folders until you find your document, just as you would on your computer. 2. Use the Search Box Type part of the document name into the search box and press enter on the keyboard. This will filter the […]