Glass & Plastic Control

Add a Glass & Plastic Control Programme

1. Enter Program Details Enter the name of the program. Select the auditor who will conduct the inspection. This can be an employee or an external service provider. 2. Enable Program Schedule Refer to the article on program scheduling for further assistance. 3. Define Items to Audit Select the Item which contains the glass or […]

Add a Glass & Plastic Control Audit

1. Enter Audit Report Select the date of the audit / inspection. Select the auditor. For each item report the condition and whether a breakage report is required. Enter any audit commentary in the notes field. Remember: If needed, a Corrective Action can always be launched from the Actions tab.

Add a Breakage Report

1. Enter Breakage Details Select the date and time of the breakage, or the date and time the breakage was discovered. Select the Item which has experienced a breakage, e.g. Oven. Enter the name of the specific component of the Item which is broken, e.g. rear left oven light. Conduct a brief risk assessment and […]

Adding a Site Map

Sometimes you might need to present an auditor with a site map which shows all the glass and hard plastic items in your facility. The built-in charting tool can be used to develop all necessary site maps directly within the Safefood 360° software. 1. Draw the Site Map The charting tool works by dragging and […]