HACCP Planning

Add a HACCP Plan

Option 1: Create a Food Safety Plan The user has two options when creating a Food Safety Plan. Either to create the plan from the beginning or to duplicate an existent plan and adapt it for use in a different schematic. Blank Food Safety Plans can be created in the Food Safety Planning menu Option […]

View & Approve HACCP Plan

View the Food Safety Plan At any point in time you can click the ‘Plans‘ button in the navigation menu to view your Food Safety Plan. Approve HACCP Plan At the bottom of the Food Safety Plan you will also find the approval table showing the users you assigned to approve the plan. To approve […]

Add Risk Assessment Model

Creating your own Risk Assessment model allows you to embed this model into your Food Safety Plans and use it as part of your hazard analyses. The risk assessment model type used in Safefood 360° is a risk matrix where one dimension describes ‘probability’ and the other shows the ‘severity’ of the risk. These two […]

Add Decision Tree Model

The Decision Tree Model feature allows a user to make use of their own custom decision tree. The model can be embedded into any Food Safety Plan and be used as part of a hazard analyses. As opposed to the industry standard CODEX decision tree which can only have two outcomes (not CCP or CCP) […]