Structure & Layout

Layout & Navigation

Safefood 360° is designed and structured to reflect what has become the accepted structure of most Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). The module has been refined and the User Interface enhanced in subsequent versions so that it now places amongst the highest in global standards and operations by food businesses. The intuitive and easy to […]

Data Types

This article highlights the relationship between the various data types in Safefood 360° which include Programs, Plans, Records, and Entities. These are integral components of your Food Safety Management System and it is important that you understand them. 1. Programs Programs are the work templates you can create in Safefood 360° which answer the questions; […]

Record Work Flows

All records in Safefood 360° have a structured work flow to allow the user complete work in a logical and phased manner. Work is completed in manageable chunks and different users can complete different sections of the work flow. 1. Work Flow Sections Displays the active section of the work flow. This section must be […]

Related Records

Safefood 360° is a fully integrated application where various modules communicate with one another. This means that information can be quickly retrieved using the ‘related records’ feature. 1. Select Entity Select an entity in the application such as an Employee. 2. Access Related Records On the entity page you will find a number of panels […]

Data Grids

This article provides guidance on how to navigate the grids which can be found in every module in Safefood 360°. 1. Accessing Records Blue text, such as that under the name of the type of program being performed and a specific name for the program, means they can be clicked to open the record, program, […]