Common Functions & Features

Saving, Modifying and Deleting

1. Saving Forms There are three buttons: Save: Allows you to “save a draft” of the workflow stage. Doing so will save the data but won’t submit or close the workflow stage. Save & Submit: Simultaneously saves the data and closes the workflow stage or the record. Cancel: Returns you either back to the module […]

Emailing, Printing and Downloading PDF

1. Emailing When you use the email facility in the application the recipient will receive a link to open the record in their internet browser. Note that you can email a record to anyone, even if they do not have a Safefood 360 account. For email recipients that do not have a Safefood 360 account […]

Adding Attachments

1. Adding Attachments Safefood 360° allows you to easily add attachments to all records, programs, and entities in the system. Examples could include adding the calibration certificate to your calibration record or adding a scan of a customer complaint letter to the complaint record among many other potential uses of this facility. There is no […]

Archiving Entities

Employees resign, Equipment gets retired, Suppliers get delisted and sometimes Customers take their business elsewhere. When these events take place you can quickly and simply ‘Archive’ the entity so that they are hidden from view while still retaining their historical records. 1. Archive Entity Taking an Employee as an example simply click Actions > Archive. […]

Common Form Elements

The Date Picker You can enter dates manually or you can use the convenient Date Picker. You can scroll back and forward through the months. Try also scrolling using the mouse wheel. You can also jump straight to any month and any year. At anytime you can select ‘Today’ to input today’s date. The Entity […]

Audit Logging

Every Program, Record and Entity in the application has detailed audit logging enabled which records all actions carried out including; When the record is created. When it is moved to another stage. When it is printed. When it is emailed. When it is changed, by whom and the reason for change. When any attachments are […]

Programme Scheduler

Each program contains a scheduler option which allows the user to schedule the program to generate records at a set specified frequency. 1. Enable the Scheduler The scheduler is optional so to enable it you must check the box beside ‘Enable Scheduler’. 2. Configure the Scheduler The start date of your program is the date […]

Diagram Drawing Tool

You will find the Diagram Drawing Tool in a number of modules throughout the system including; HACCP Planning – for drawing schematics and flow diagrams. Quality Objectives – for drawing organizational charts. Pest Control – for drawing site maps. Traceability – for drawing traceability flow charts. 1. Drawing Tool Overview Document Name Toolbar Search function […]