Getting Started


Safefood 360 is a web based application which requires no installation so there are only three things you need to use the software. 1. Computer, Tablet or Smartphone Your computer can be a desktop, laptop or any other variation. It can have any common operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux etc). You can also use the […]

Initial Setup

There are a small few simple things you need to do prior to getting started with the software. Getting a New Account Started (Video) 1. Accept Invitation Our team will give you access to the account. Just accept the invitation that you’ve received in your email and follow the instructions. 2. Sign In There are […]

Get Started

Getting started with Safefood 360° is typically a three step process. It is recommended you have already completed the Initial Setup as well as read the preceding two chapters in this manual before continuing. 1. Master Data & Documents The first step involves the input or import of your master data (Products, Ingredients, Items of […]

Get Help

Safefood 360° is a world class enterprise software application backed by world class customer support. Although the software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use there may be times when you just want to speak with a customer support agent. There are a number of ways to get help with the application, many […]

Training Videos

The following is a series of 8 online training webinars which were recorded live. Note that we are currently working on new videos with improved audio quality. Session 1 – Structure and Set-up (64 minutes)   This session covers Safefood 360 structure and getting set-up. It will also go into conversion activities such as Master […]

Accepting an Invitation

In order to get a user name for Safefood 360° someone will need to invite you. Generally this is a manager or someone in your business whom already has access to Safefood 360°. Just ask them to send you an invitation and follow the steps below. 1. Check your email for an invitation You will […]

How to Fill in the Master Data Worksheet

In this article you will learn: What is a master data upload and how it is used General Instructions How to avoid and fix common mistakes Employees Job Descriptions Products Materials Services  Non Conformance Cause Brands Production Units Units Customers Suppliers Organisations Sites Items What is a Master Data upload and how it is used […]