Report Manager

Add a Report Programme

Report Manager allows you to select from any of the 300+ reports throughout the system and have them delivered to your inbox at a frequency you specify. This cuts down on the time you would otherwise spend preparing and collating trending and performance reports prior to your weekly quality management meetings. You can define your […]

Add a Custom Report

Safefood 360° provides a rich library of over 300 reports throughout all modules in the platform. Sometimes however you need a report which is beyond the scope of any of the existing reports or is quite specific to your own operation. The Custom Report feature allows you to request a report to be built by […]

Reports Overview

Reports Tab Reports can be accessed by clicking on the Reports tab in each module. And by clicking on the relevant report. Reports Structure To ensure consistency and ease of use all reports in the application are structured the same way and as described below. Filter Bar: Allows you to change the date range of […]

Report Types

Report Types Reports are grouped by type on the reports tab in each module. Performance Reports ‘Reports By Number’ typically display information monthly between a set date range. These report types will have both a bar chart (which can be hidden) also a data table which will include a total row at the bottom and […]

Export to Excel

Every module in the application provides an ‘Export to Excel’ option which will export the entire contents of the module into a Microsoft Excel Workbook for download. This can be useful if you want to conduct advanced analysis on your data which is not provided for in the current set of reports. 1. Click Export […]

Scheduled Reports

It is possible to schedule virtually all reports in the application to arrive in your email inbox at a specified time each day, week or month. This could be useful if you have a weekly management meeting where you need the same set of reports each week, for example. You can have the reports emailed […]