Manage Plant Settings

1. Manage Plant Details The user must denote a name for their plant of operations before they begin with using the software. If ever you wish to change the name of the plant you can do so through this menu. Select the sectors your plant operates in and adheres to. 2. Manage Site Date & […]

Manage Users

1. Invite New User New users are added and authenticated to Safefood 360° by email invitation. This means that all of your users should have an email address in order to use the application. 1.1. Enter User Details and Select Role Enter the first name of the user. Enter the second name of the user. […]

Manage User Roles

User roles allow you configure which user groups have access to which part of the software. This way you can create a single template for all “Lab Technicians” for example without the need for creating different privacy settings for each user individually. How to work with User Roles (Video) 1. User Role details Give your […]

Manage System Summary

The system summary allows the user to define and record the high level information describing the site and scope of the food safety information. It also contains the high level information often requested by an auditor at the beginning of an evaluation of the site. 1. Manage System Summary Details The plant name is the […]

Manage Dashboard Settings

Modify Live Updates Sources Live Updates are pushed to the Updates tab on your main Dashboard. Here you can specify which update sources you would like to see in your feed. Simply un-check any sources which are irrelevant or not of interest and save.

Manage Deleted Records

View Deleted Records The Deleted Records archive will show you all the records in your site which have been deleted. It will also show you when the record was deleted and by whom. Recover Deleted Records Files which are deleted are never truly gone. To recover them is simple. Just click the recover link as […]