Add a Variable Test

How to configure a Variable Test (Video) 1. Enter Variable Test Details Enter the name of the test. You can organize your tests into folders to help you keep them in logical, tidy groups. Provide a brief description of the test. Enter the unit of measurement of the test. If a procedure is required you […]

Add an Attribute Test

Configuring an Attribute Test (Video) 1. Enter Attribute Test Details Enter the name of the test. You can save your tests in folders to keep them tidy and organized, and to be able to find the right tests easier later on when you are configuring your Monitoring and Receiving programs. Provide a brief description of […]

Add Text Open Data

When building your Monitoring and Receiving programs you may need to add some open data fields which are not subject to testing. For example, you may simply need to record the traceability number of a sample point, or some other non-test data like the time, an order number, or even just the weather. How to […]

Add Timestamp Open Data

Timestamp is a kind of Open Data field that can be added to any monitoring program, just like any other test or open data field. The “Timestamp” is very useful because it allows you to capture the time of the test in the monitoring record with a single tap from the user with the added […]