Add a Traceability Programme

Configuring a Traceability Audit Program (Video) 1. Enter Traceability Program Details Enter the name of the traceability program. Select the type of traceability program – either ‘Product Trace’ or ‘Ingredient / Material Trace’. Conduct a brief risk assessment and enter your justification. Describe the scope of the traceability program. Select the person responsible for overseeing […]

Add a Product Trace

Completing a Product Traceability Record (Video) 1. Enter Traceability Details Select the date of the product trace. Select the product to be traced. Select the production line the product is produced on. Enter the batch or lot number of the product. For each brand of the product being traced select the brand, enter the quantity, […]

Add a Material Trace

Completing an Ingredient / Material Trace 1. Enter Traceability Details Select the date of the material trace. Select the material or ingredient being traced. Enter the batch number of the material or ingredient. Select the date of delivery. Enter the quantity of the material or ingredient and the unit (kilo, cartons, pallets, drums etc). Select […]

Add a Traceability Flow Diagram

Drawing Traceability Flow Diagrams 1. Create Traceability Flow Diagram Give the traceability flow diagram a title. Draw your traceability flow diagram after reading the article on the Diagram Drawing Tool. Ensure you save the diagram.