Configure a Batching Program

1. Enter Program Details

  1. Choose a name for the Batching Program in the software.
  2. Select the product from your products database.
  3. Enter the scope of the batching program.
  4. If relevant select a Procedure from your Document Control module which will be shown to the operator when conducting the batch record.
  5. Add the person responsible for the program.

2. Enter Program Specification

  1. Enter the size of the batch to be prepared.
  2. Select the batch size unit (Kilogram, Liter etc) from the Categories module.
  3. Compose your batch specification by selecting each ingredient, entering the corresponding quantity and add any relevant notes for the operator. Note: The total quantity of all ingredients must equal the batch size to save the form.
  4. You can now define the precise step-by-step process for the batch formulation.
  5. Finally, you can link to a Monitoring Program which will be generated automatically when the batch record is conducted. This is useful if you wish to run a series of tests against the batch after completion.