Completing a Batch Record (Video)

1. Enter Batch Record Details

  1. Select the date and time of the batch.
  2. Enter the traceability number of the batch.
  3. If a relevant Procedure was selected in the Program then you can open it by clicking this link.
  4. Adjust the batch size if necessary. When you adjust the batch size the batch specification will adjust accordingly.
  5. Enter the Traceability number for each ingredient and select yes to indicate that you have added the ingredient to the batch. You may also select who added the ingredient from the drop down menu.
  6. For each step tick the box to indicate that you have completed the step and also select the person the step was completed by.

1.1. Split Ingredient Batch

Often you may find that you need to split an ingredient across two or more different batches. To do so simply;

  1. Click the plus icon for the ingredient.
  2. Enter your split quantities and corresponding traceability information.

2. Complete Monitoring Record & Launch Corrective Action

If the Batching Program requires that you complete a testing regime on the batch then the corresponding Monitoring Record will be created automatically for you at this step.

  1. Will display what program (if any) the batch record will be linked to. Click the record link (Under Status) to be taken straight to the relevant Monitoring Record in the Monitoring Module.
  2. Enter a report if necessary with any observations or notes you have made.

Remember: If needed, a Corrective Action can be launched through the Actions tab.