1. Enter Breakage Details

Enter Breakage Details
  1. Select the date and time of the breakage, or the date and time the breakage was discovered.
  2. Select the Item which has experienced a breakage, e.g. Oven.
  3. Enter the name of the specific component of the Item which is broken, e.g. rear left oven light.
  4. Conduct a brief risk assessment and enter your justification.
  5. Select the person who reported the breakage.
  6. Select the person to whom the breakage was reported.
  7. Describe the breakage in detail.
  8. Complete the control requirements checklist making notes where necessary.
  9. Select whether production was restarted.
  10. Enter any final notes and closing commentary you may have.

Remember: If needed, a Corrective Action can always be launched from the Actions tab.