The Business Process module allows you to create programs that contain

  • Any number of stages that you get to name yourself
  • Any number of tasks
  • Tasks can be assigned to people and they can have deadlines
  • A stage can contain an approval workflow that is required to continue to the next stage

Examples of typical uses for this module can include

  • New product development processes
  • Management of change processes
  • Complicated reporting processes that take a long time and require multiple milestones
  • Introduction of new equipment to the factory

1. Give background details

Give background details
  1. In the first stage you should give your Business Process a name, define the scope of the program and ideally risk assess the program.
  2. Assign the program to an employee who will be responsible for its implementation.

2. Enable scheduler

Enable scheduler

Using the scheduler is optional, but if you have a process that repeats predictably, you can also turn the scheduler on.

3. Design your process steps

Design your process steps
  1. First give the process step / stage a name.
  2. If you wish to assign responsibility of this process stage to someone you may do so, but it is not mandatory.
  3. Next, define a list of tasks that need to be completed at this stage.
  4. If some tasks are mandatory you can check this box.
  5. Associating a task with a document means that when you are filling the Business Process record, you will be able to view and download this document.
  6. An action can be made mandatory by ticking the mandatory check box, a stage will not be permitted to be Saved & Submitted until all madatory actions have been completed.
  7. You can create an approval workflow for each stage. The process record will not proceed to the next stage until the approver has logged in to approve the stage.
  8. If you wish to add further stages to the process simply click here.

You can add any number of stages to your process.

Specific rules about editing Business Process records

Process Owner Responsible for entire process

  • Can modify stage owners
  • Can modify stage actions
  • Can modify stage approvers
  • Can submit stage to move to next
Stage Owner Responsible for process stage

  • Can modify stage actions
  • Can modify stage approvers
  • Can submit stage to move to next
Action Owner Responsible for specific action

  • Can complete action
  • Cannot submit stage to move to next
Stage Approver Responsible for approval of stage

  • Can approve (approve/disapprove) stage
  • Cannot submit stage to move to next

Due to the nature of the Business Process module, there are specific restrictions in place on who is allowed to edit tasks, change tasks, change approvers, etc. Please study the above table for full breakdown of the different rights of the process stakeholders.

Note: If multiple Approvers are listed the process will require the approval of each in order to progress.