How to Set Up a Calibration Program

1. Enter Calibration Details

  1. Enter the name of the calibration program.
  2. Select the specific item which is to be calibrated.
  3. Select the Type of Calibration – Certified or Check.
  4. Conduct a brief risk assessment of the calibration program. If the device is used for monitoring of a CCP, for example, it might be considered high risk. Enter your justification.
  5. Define the person who is responsible for this program – this person will be notified when scheduled tasks are due.
  6. Enable the scheduler when necessary.

2. Enable Programme Schedule

See the article on programme scheduling if you need further assistance in configuring this.

3. Define Calibration Specification

  1. Enter the operating range of the Item. e.g. from 0 to 1000g for a balance, or 1 to 14 for a pH meter and so on.
  2. Enter the unit of measurement. e.g. grams, degrees etc.
  3. Enter the Increments of measurement for the unit.
  4. Select the relevant Calibration Procedure from the Documents Control module.
  5. Select the Basis of Calibration. This records the traceability of the calibration to a national or international standard where possible. Record details of the standard.
  6. Enter the specific calibration point or points for the calibration. You can also define an upper and lower tolerance for each point which will guide the user when completing the calibration record.