Filling a Calibration Record (Video)

1. Enter Calibration Record

  1. The date of the calibration.
  2. Select the person whom performed the calibration. This could be an employee or an external service provider in the case of a certified calibration.
  3. Enter the certificate number of the calibration if it is a ‘certified calibration’ conducted by a licensed calibrator.
  4. If a procedural document was selected in the program then you can click to open it here.
  5. Now enter your calibration readings. For each calibration point, you can enter the corresponding reading. Depending upon the upper and lower tolerances defined in the programme the reading may turn red to indicate an out of tolerance reading.
  6. If the Item is found to be out of calibration you can click “Add line” and add an adjustment to record the readings following adjustment of the Item. You can add as many adjustments as are required.

2. Enter Calibration Result

  1. Enter the calibration report and any relevant notes.
  2. Select the calibration result (Pass / Fail).
  3. Generate corrective action if necessary.