Causes are a neat way of categorizing and recording the root causes to your Corrective Actions. Similarly as to the “Nonconformance” category that you can assign to a Corrective Action, you can also assign the root cause analysis a standard category. This helps you get powerful reports out of the system that can tell you immediately what are your most common nonconformance types and also what are the most common root cause types leading to the nonconformances in the first place.

1. Create a new Cause

Create a new Cause

Navigate your way to the Categories module and click “Add Category” and select “Cause”

2. Enter the Cause details

Enter the Cause details
  1. Give the root cause type a name.
  2. If you intend to create an exhaustive list of different causes it might make sense to categorize them into folders that will help the user find the correct cause type later on.
  3. Provide a description for your root cause type – a good description will tell the user when and when not to use this root cause type.