Completing a Code of Practice (Video)

1. Enter Code of Practice Details

  1. Select the date of the Code of Practice.
  2. Select ‘Existing Contact’ if the person is an employee or supplier. Select ‘Visitor’ otherwise. Check the existing contacts first to see if the person is in the database, because it will make it easier to find any related records later.
  3. Enter the name of the person to whom the code of practice record relates to. If it is an existing contact such as an employee or supplier contact, the contacts databases will appear for selection. If visitor is selected the field will remain free to enter the persons name.
  4. Select ‘Yes’ where the person agrees to work to the code of practice requirement and ‘No’ if they they cannot. Enter any relevant and supporting details in the notes field.

2. Close-out Code of Practice

  1. Complete the decision checklist, adding any notes if necessary.
  2. Make a decision about whether to approve the Code of Practice or not.
  3. Provide a justification for your decision.

Note: Remember that if something that requires a corrective action has arisen during filling out the Code of Practice it can always be added to the record by selecting Actions > Add Related Records > Corrective Action.