Adding a Complaint (Video)

1. Enter Customer & General Details of Complaint

  1. Choose the date of the complaint.
  2. Declare the customer the complaint relates to.
  3. State the source of the complaint, i.e. Did it come from central purchasing or a regulatory body? etc.
  4. What was the method through which the complaint was received. E.g. Email, Phone, Post etc.
  5. Provide a reference number for the complaint.
  6. Record all pertinent information relating to how the complaint sample was retrieved.

2. Enter Consumer Details (If Applicable)

If the complaint was received from a customer and their details are known to you then you can record them here.

  1. Consumers name.
  2. Consumers home address.
  3. Where they purchased the product.
  4. Consumers phone number.
  5. Consumers mobile phone number.
  6. Consumers email address.

3. Enter Product Details

  1. Select the product the complaint has been made against from the drop down menu. Beside this, enter the quantity of the product.
  2. Select the date and time of manufacture of this batch of product.
  3. Select the durability date (Best Before or Use By) of this batch of product.
  4. Enter the Traceability Lot or Batch number for this product.
  5. Select the brand this product complaint relates to. This can be very useful for making trending reports later on.
  6. Select the specific Production Line this batch of product was produced on. This can be very useful for making trending reports later on.

4. Enter Complaint Details

  1. Now select the nonconformance from the categories module.
  2. A more detailed description of the specific complaint can be logged.
  3. Appoint an employee responsible for investigating the complaint.

5. Complete Complaint Review

  1. When the complaint has been filed and investigated it must be closed. This is done through generating a corrective action.
  2. Open the actions tab, select Add Related Record and file the Corrective Action.