Corrective Actions can be instigated through the Management module or through Actions > Add Related Records.

1. Enter Nonconformance / Issue Details

Enter Nonconformance / Issue Details
  1. The date the corrective action was filed.
  2. Choose a suitable nonconformance category that describes the issue.
  3. Enter the details of the nonconformance or issue which is giving rise to the corrective action.
  4. Determine who is responsible for investigating the nonconformance.
  5. The Employee responsible for review of the investigation.
  6. Establish a date of completion for the investigation.
  7. Determine what the risk level that the nonconformance is likely to poise.
  8. Opt for an Advanced Risk Determination if deemed appropriate. Selecting this will make points 9, 10, and 11 available. This will allow for a Probability by Severity risk matrix to be conducted.
  9. The level of probability in the risk that is likely.
  10. The extent of the severity in the risk.
  11. Provide a more detailed report for your justification of conducting an advanced risk determination.

2. Complete Investigation / Root Cause Analysis

Complete Investigation / Root Cause Analysis
  1. The date of the Investigation.
  2. What was the Root Cause analysed.
  3. Enter your Investigation / Root Cause Analysis report including all pertinent information.

3. Specify Action Details

Specify Action Details

The action details section allows you to define certain corrective actions to be conducted. At a minimum you must;

  1. Enter the action required.
  2. The type of action it is (preventive or corrective).
  3. Select the person responsible for carrying out that action.
  4. And the deadline by which the action should be conducted.

At this point the form can be saved and will remain in an ‘OPENAwaiting Action Details‘ state until the action is taken. At which point;

  1. The action taken can be entered here.
  2. Select the person who completed the action. (This may or may not be the ‘responsible person’).
  3. Select the date when the action was completed.

Once you have filled in the completion (highlighted in the picture) dates for all tasks and clicked “Save & Submit” the workflow will move to its next stage.

4. Complete a Review

Complete a Review

Corrective Action reviews should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the root cause analysis and subsequent actions taken.

  1. Select the date of the review.
  2. Enter a summary of the report that was conducted.

5. Close out Corrective Action

Close out Corrective Action

Finally, you may now enter any final remarks to the issue upon closing the corrective action.