Safefood 360° provides a rich library of over 300 reports throughout all modules in the platform. Sometimes however you need a report which is beyond the scope of any of the existing reports or is quite specific to your own operation. The Custom Report feature allows you to request a report to be built by Safefood 360° and added to the Custom Report tab in your Report Manager module. Once designed this report will always be available in your site for easy and quick retrieval either manually or by scheduled email delivery through Report Manager.

1. Enter Custom Report Details

Enter Custom Report Details
  1. Give your custom report a descriptive name so it is clearly labeled and easily distinguishable in the system.
  2. Describe with as much detail as possible what you would like to see in this report. If the custom report is based upon an existing report then direct us to that report. You can also add attachments such as a mock-up in Word or Excel of how you want the report to look like. The more detail you provide to us the quicker we will build your report and with the least amount of clarification needed ensuring a happier and faster experience for you.

2. Check Custom Report Status

Check Custom Report Status
  1. This will show you the status of your Custom Report. It will either be Pending or Complete. As soon as your Custom Report is complete it will be added to the Custom Reports tab and you will receive an email notification letting you know.
  2. Here you can see your available support credits. Custom Report development requires support credits which you can purchase from your account manager. A relatively straight forward Custom Report will typically require 1 or 2 support credits.