The Document Review process in the Management Review module (not to be confused with the document review located within the documents module) is used to complete records of tasks. It can be automatically scheduled or manually created for a new review at any time.

The Document Review can be accessed through Management > Management Review > Add Review > Document Review.

Example: Once a year all equipment on the R&D line of a factory needs to be audited to ensure that all equipment is insured. By setting up a Document Review Process, the R&D department receives notification by email that they must complete the audit. The findings from the audit are then logged in the Management Review as a Document Review.

1. Creating a Document Review

1. Creating a Document Review
  1. The date of the review
  2. If it is a scheduled review the name of the document will appear automatically. If you are manually creating a new review you will have to select the right document from the drop down menu.
  3. Select the reason why the document is being reviewed.
  4. Set the next review date.
  5. Enter the name of the person who completed the review of the document.
  6. Answer the items in the checklist. New lines can be added if you need to use a checklist as the basis for your document review.

2. Modifying a document in the Document Review

2. Modifying a document in the Document Review

The document submitted can be replaced with an updated version directly from the Document Review screen.

Clicking Replace will allow you to source an alternative document directly from the PC you are currently using. However, you will still need to follow the approval workflow in the Documents module in the Master Data center.

3. Completing the Document Review

3. Completing the Document Review

If a document is saved it will remain open. The review will only be considered complete when it is filled out and the user clicks Save & Submit.

When the document review is open and awaiting completion it can accessed through the Actions tab in Management > Management Review > Actions.

When the document review is finalized and you wish to complete, click Save and Submit and the completed record will be entered into the system.