Adding a Final Product (Video)

1. Enter Product Details

  1. Enter the final product name.
  2. Enter the internal identification number or trace code for this final product.
  3. Define a folder where the product is stored. This helps you find and store the total amount of products you supply for easier reference later.
  4. Enter a brief description of the final product.

2. Select Allergens (if applicable)

If the final product contains allergens you should select them all here.

3. Select Identity Preservation (if applicable)

If the final product requires identity preservation you should select all identities here.

4. Enable Review

If you wish to review your product on a scheduled basis you can set that here.

See the article on program scheduling for further assistance.

5. Select Product Specifications

Here you can link your product specifications to your product. Your product specifications are documents which you have uploaded to the Document Control module.

  1. Select specification from Document Control module.
  2. If this specification relates to a specific customer you can select it here.
  3. If this specification relates to a specific brand you can select it here.
  4. This field shows the approval status of this document in the document control module. You cannot change this field – it is for information purposes only.
  5. With one click you can open and view the specification.