1. Enter Program Details

Enter Program Details
  1. Enter the name of the program.
  2. Select the auditor who will conduct the inspection. This can be an employee or an external service provider.

2. Enable Program Schedule

Enable Program Schedule

Refer to the article on program scheduling for further assistance.

3. Define Items to Audit

Define Items to Audit
  1. Select the Item which contains the glass or hard plastic. E.g. Oven.
  2. Specify the type of glass or hard plastic on the Item. E.g. Oven Lights.
  3. Add any documents here that help the auditor conduct the audit correctly. The document will be viewable during the audit.
  4. Enter the quantity of individual pieces of glass or hard plastic the name specified in ‘2’ refers to. If there are six lights in the oven then this would be 6.
  5. Conduct a brief risk assessment – choosing from ‘High, Medium, Low or None.
  6. Is the glass or hard plastic protected? Select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.