Safefood 360° software comes complete with the main recognized food safety hazards. However, as new hazards emerge you may wish to add a new hazard to your database. This can be done through selecting Hazards in the HACCP module and by selecting ‘Add Hazard’.

1. Enter Hazard Details

Enter Hazard Details
  1. The name of the hazard should be the specific name of the hazard and not a generic name such as ‘bacteria’.
  2. Select the Hazard Category from the dropdown list. This is the high level category of which there are six options:
  • Biological: This covers all biological hazards including bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds, parasites etc.
  • Physical: Covers all physical hazards including glass, metal and wood.
  • Chemical: Covers all the main chemical hazards including toxins and contaminants.
  • Chemical (Additives): These are the legal permitted and controlled chemicals that may be used as additives in food production.
  • Allergen: Covers allergens as prescribed in global legislation.
  • Quality / Other: Anything that may not fit into the above categories, e.g. radiological.
  1. Select the hazard subcategory.
  2. Contains a description of the hazard. This is ideal for entering the specific nature of the risk associated with your product / process for this hazard and also the source of your information.