The Management Review modules will allow the management of your operation to file reviews on a comprehensive list of topics within the Safefood 360° software. These reviews can later be collated with other records for ease of viewing.


The Management Review can be accessed through Management > Management Review > Add Review > Management Review > And specifying the review program from the drop down menu.

1. Enter Management Review Details

Enter Management Review Details
  1. The date the Management Review will take place.
  2. Enter a description of the management review.
  3. Choose the reason for the review.
  4. Define the period under review.
  5. State the person who chaired the meeting.
  6. Select the person (usually the secretary) who took the minutes.
  7. Any relevant notes at this stage.
  8. Select any documents that may be required during the management review.
  9. Select the employees who were in attendance (their position will automatically appear).
  10. Select the employees who should have been in attendance but could not attend for whatever reason.

2. Enter Management Review Report

Enter Management Review Report
  1. Enter the executive summary of the report.
  2. A default list of Agenda Items will be presented when you create the record. However there is complete freedom to add, remove, and change this default list to fit the needs of the meeting.
  3. For each agenda item select whether it has been reviewed as part of this management review.
  4. You can enter a report for each agenda item.

3. Define any Actions & Opportunities for Improvement

Define any Actions & Opportunities for Improvement

The Action & Improvement Report section allows you to define certain actions to be conducted following the Management Review. At a minimum you should;

  1. Enter the action required that can improve the process.
  2. Select the person responsible for carrying out that action.
  3. And the deadline by which the action should be conducted.

The file can now be saved. However, it enters into an ‘open – awaiting & improvement report’ state until the action for improvement has been taken. At which point;

  1. You should report back with findings about how the necessary action has been taken to improve on the opportunity identified.
  2. Select the person who completed the action. (This may or may not be the ‘responsible person’).
  3. Select the date when the action was completed

When all access are complete you can now save and close the file.