1. Enter Monitoring Programme Details

  1. Give the Monitoring Programme a name. A good practice is to use the sample point + any specifications. For example “Yeast (Annual Plate Test)” could be a good name.
  2. Select the Microorganism for testing from the Hazards module.
  3. Select the employee responsible for the programme.
  4. Select the employee or external laboratory responsible for conducting the testing.
  5. Enter the scope of the testing.
  6. If a procedure document is required you can select it here.
  7. If the method of testing is accredited then select ‘Yes’.
  8. Conduct a brief risk assessment and enter your justification.

2. Enable Programme Schedule

See article on progamme scheduling.

3. Define Test Specification

  1. Select the monitoring point from your Items or Employees module.
  2. Enter the target value.
  3. Enter the warning limit.
  4. Enter the action limit.
  5. Enter the legal limit.
  6. Enter any relevant note required such as the unit etc.