1. Enter Monitoring Record Details

Enter Monitoring Record Details
  1. Select the Date of the record.
  2. The Monitoring Record table columns are divided into three sections, and are presented in the following order.
  • Sample Point and ID – Select the sample point(s) and enter an ID for each one.
  • Tests and Result Column – Enter the result for each test and the overall result will be calculated automatically. If you do not enter a result for a test then that test will be recorded as not conducted. The overall result will always be the worst outcome of all tests for that sample point. So for example, if you have 6 tests for a particular sample point and 5 of them pass with only one fail – then the overall result for that sample will be a fail. Note – where a procedure document was assigned to a test in the tests module, you can access this document by clicking the column heading.
  • Non Test Data fields and Completed By – If any non test data is required (as defined by the programme) then you can enter it next. Finally, you will need to select the person completing each row.
  1. You can add multiple lines to a single monitoring record. This allows you to include for example all monitoring points from a single day in just one record. For example, every time a new product batch is finished the operator simply clicks “Add line” and fills in the details for the latest batch. This way you can avoid creating multiple overlapping records and keep your documentation tidy.
  2. Enter a report if relevant.
  3. If a re-test is required then check this box.

1.1. Review and Acknowledge Event Notices

Review and Acknowledge Event Notices

Each test result can have a corresponding notice which is displayed when you save the monitoring record. You should read and then acknowledge the notices by pressing Ok.

2. Conduct a Re-test (if applicable)

Conduct a Re-test (if applicable)
  1. When a re-test record is generated it will only display tests which failed the initial record.
  2. Enter a report if relevant.

3. Complete the Verification

Complete the Verification
  1. Select the overall result for the monitoring record.
  2. Enter a report if relevant.
  3. Decide to release or conduct a non-conformance/deviation.

4. Conduct a Non-conformance / Deviation (if applicable)

Conduct a Non-conformance / Deviation (if applicable)

In the event of a non-conformance or deviation you can record the details in this section.

  1. Enter the details of the non-conformance / deviation.
  2. Define any actions required, the persons responsible and the deadline for completion.
  3. Enter a report if relevant.
  4. If you need to create a corrective action under the Corrective Action module, you can do this by ticking the box.