1. Select Existing Document

Open the existing document from the document control module.

  1. Using search is often the quickest way to locate a file.
  2. Once you have found the correct document, simply click the name.
  3. Click the small arrow if you want to open the document in a new browser tab.

2. Edit the Document Properties

To upload your latest document version and edit other document properties, select Actions > Edit Properties.

3. Select New Document for Upload

  1. When uploading a new document version you only need to select the new file and hit save. You do not need to change anything else unless you want to.
  2. This field shows you the latest version number. In the example above, there is already an approved document in the system. Therefore the version number is number 2. If the documents were in the system but not approved the version number would be 1.

The system will automatically version the previous file and put the new file in its place. Because this is a document revision any assigned users will need to re-approve the document and will receive email notifications to that effect. See the article on approving documents for further information about the document approval process.

4. Make Revision Note in Audit Log

For all document revisions it is recommended that you make a revision note in the audit log. See the article on Audit Logging for more details.

4.1. Open the Audit Log

4.2. Enter Revision Notes

  1. The audit log displays a full list of changes made to the document.
  2. Add any revision notes you have made.
  3. Click Submit to save the audit note.

5. Document Version Workflow

Below is a flowchart that describes the workflow of a document and how a new version is added.

Note that if a document is Rejected or Disapproved, the state of that document will then become “Awaiting Change” and will stay in that state until a new file is added to the document and the approval process is started again.

Document Version Workflow