1. Enter Document Details

  1. Enter the title of the document.
  2. Include a brief description of the document.
  3. Set the starting version number for the document.
  4. Click to select the document file from your computer.
  5. Select a folder to place the document. The module comes with a pre-defined set of master folders (shown with a gray color folder icon) which you cannot change. Additionally you must place your documents within sub-folders under these master folders.
  6. Select the users that should review the document before it proceeds to final approval. This two-step approval is completely optional but can be useful if in your organization upper management wants to have the document proof-read first by staff before they get the document for final approval.
  7. Select the users which are required to approve this document. Upon saving the document these users will receive an email requesting their approval. See the article on approving documents for further information about the document approval process.
  8. Select the users which should be notified by email anytime a change is made to the document. This feature is useful for keeping your team up-to-date on any changes to key documents like the quality plan, policies, SOPs, etc.

2. Enable Periodic Review (optional)

If you want Safefood360° to remind you about a pending document review at a given future date you can enable the periodic review function.

At the given future date the software will automatically create a new Document Review record under the Management Review module, link it back to the original document and notify the reviewer about the task.

Read more here about the document review.

3. Document Workflow

Below is a flowchart that describes the workflow of a document and how a new version is added.

Note that if a document is Rejected or Disapproved, the state of that document will then become “Awaiting Change” and will stay in that state until a new file is added to the document and the approval process is started again.

Document Version Workflow