Adding a New Nonconformance Category (Video)

What are nonconformance categories used for?

All categories, including non-conformances, are used to set up a predefined list of elements that can then be applied throughout the Safefood 360° solution without having to type these categories twice, or the fear of an operator not knowing the correct category. In the case of non-conformances you can use this module to create a list of the different non-conformance types specific to your business that you are experiencing at present or may be in the future. A typical use of the non-conformance categories is under the Non-conformances module.

1. Enter Nonconformance Details

  1. Enter the name of the nonconformance.
  2. Select the nonconformance group in one of the folders. This will allow you to easily distinguish the locations of non-conformances for future use.
  3. Enter a description of the nonconformance.
  4. Conduct a brief risk assessment and enter your justification.
  5. Select the Response Document from your Documents module which will be used for Customer Complaints raised against this nonconformance.