1. Enter Plaster Issue Details

Enter Plaster Issue Details
  1. Select the date and time when the plaster was issued.
  2. Select the person to whom the plaster was issued.
  3. Select the person who issued the plaster.
  4. Enter details of the plaster issue and reason for doing so. You may also conduct a brief risk assessment.
  5. For each plaster issued select the plaster from the materials module and enter the quantity and batch number.

2. Complete Plaster Issue Reconciliation

Complete Plaster Issue Reconciliation
  1. Select the date and time the plaster was returned.
  2. Confirm that all returned plasters have been accounted for.
  3. Enter any relevant notes.
  4. If a nonconformance is required you can specify that here. A product nonconformance would be required if the plaster was lost in a production area. Note that a nonconformance is not logged automatically. You will have to launch the Nonconformance record through the Actions tab.
  5. Enter any relevant closing remarks in the report field.