1. Enter Nonconformance Details

Enter Nonconformance Details
  1. Select the date  the product nonconformance was reported.
  2. Enter the quantity of the nonconforming product.
  3. Select the date and time of manufacture for the product.
  4. Select the durability date (Best Before or Use By) of this batch of product.
  5. Select the nonconformance from the categories module that best applies.
  6. Assign a lot or batch number for the product. This will ensure that trends are easier spooted.
  7. Select the brand this product nonconformance relates to.
  8. Select the specific Production Line this batch of product was produced on. Again this may help point to trends and avoid future issues.
  9. Enter a description of the product nonconformance.

2. Enter Hold / Quarantine Details

Enter Hold / Quarantine Details

All nonconforming products should be put on hold and placed in quarantine.

  1. Select the date and time the nonconforming product was put on hold.
  2. The hold location denotes where the product is currently being stored.
  3. Select how the hold is being identified.
  4. Select the person who authorized the hold.
  5. Select the isolation method used to isolate the nonconforming product from normal stock.

3. Make Nonconformance Decision

Make Nonconformance Decision

A decision needs to be made as to what to do with the nonconforming product.

  1. Select the appropriate decision.*
  2. Select the person of authority who has made this decision.
  3. Select the date the decision was made.
  4. Select the basis of decision from the available options.
  5. Enter a decision report.

*If a decision is made to Rework the nonconforming product then the Rework section will open. If a decision is made to Reject & Dispose the nonconforming product then the Reject & Dispose section will open. All other decisions will lead straight to close-out.

3.1. Enter Rework Details (if applicable)

Enter Rework Details (if applicable)
  1. Select the date of the rework.
  2. Select the person who is supervising the rework.
  3. Enter the new lot or batch number of the reworked product.
  4. Answer the relevant questions and make a note if required.
  5. Select the appropriate decision.*

*At this point you may still decide to Reject & Dispose the reworked product and if so, the Reject & Dispose section will open. Otherwise all other decisions will lead to close-out.

3.2. Enter Reject & Dispose Details (if applicable)

Enter Reject & Dispose Details (if applicable)
  1. Select the disposal date.
  2. Select the person supervising the disposal.
  3. Select the licensed waste contractor responsible for disposing the nonconforming product.

4. Close out Nonconformance

Close out Nonconformance

The close out section allows you to record any notifications made to customers or regulatory bodies concerning the nonconforming product.

  1. Select the customer or organization from the contacts module.
  2. Select the date they were notified.
  3. Select the means through which they were notified (email, phone, letter etc).
  4. Enter the specific contact person who was notified.
  5. Enter any other relevant notes relating to the notification.