This form is used to setup incoming and receiving inspection programs. These relate to the purchase, delivery and receipt of materials and ingredients used in the production of your food products and sourced from approved suppliers. The program allows for the recording of tests relating to both the general delivery and also the specific items contained in the delivery. Receiving programs in this module are built from Tests which are set up in the Tests module under Master Data.

Creating a Receiving Program

1. Enter Receiving Program Details

  1. Enter the name of the program.
  2. Select who is supplying the goods.
  3. Enter the scope of the program.
  4. Conduct a brief risk assessment and enter your justification.
  5. Select the person or team responsible for this program.

2. Enable Program Schedule

See the article on program scheduling for further assistance.

3. Define Program Specification

  1. First select the tests associated with the delivery itself. You might for example want to record information like: Delivery truck license plate, delivery time, delivery company, drivers name, etc.
  2. Now select the tests associated with the materials / ingredients which are subject to inspection. These might include information like: temperature of the goods, traceability number, chemical traces, moisture level, etc.