Report Manager allows you to select from any of the 300+ reports throughout the system and have them delivered to your inbox at a frequency you specify. This cuts down on the time you would otherwise spend preparing and collating trending and performance reports prior to your weekly quality management meetings.

You can define your own Report delivery schedule using the same flexible scheduler found in every program. This allows you to set daily, week-daily, weekly, monthly and annual frequencies. Reports can be sent to any of your contacts either in PDF, Word or Excel formats.

1. Define Report Criteria

Define Report Criteria
  1. Select the Safefood 360° Module containing the report.
  2. Select the Report Type. This will match the Report Categories in each module.
  3. Select the report itself that you want delivered.
  4. Select the date range that should be applied to this report each time it is sent.
  5. Some reports provide additional criteria which allows you to drill down into more detail.

2. Enter Report Details

Enter Report Details
  1. Give the Report Program a descriptive name so it is clearly labeled and easily distinguishable in the system. This name will also be shown in the subject line of the email.
  2. Select the Start Date for the Report Program.
  3. Select how often you want the Report Program to deliver the report.
  4. Choose the contacts the Report will be delivered to.
  5. Finally, select the File Type for the report, either PDF, Word or Excel.