1. Conduct a Pre-work Risk Assessment

Conduct a Pre-work Risk Assessment

If the Maintenance Program is determined to be a medium or high risk then both the ‘Pre-work Risk Assessment‘ and the ‘Verification & Release‘ sections will be present on the record. Otherwise if the Maintenance Program is determined to be of a low risk then only the Maintenance Record section is required.

  1. Enter the date of the pre-work risk assessment.
  2. Complete the pre-work risk assessment questionnaire, making notes as required.
  3. Enter any relevant pre-work risk assessment report details.

2. Enter Maintenance Record Details

Enter Maintenance Record Details
  1. Enter the Start Date/Time of the Maintenance Record.
  2. Enter the End Date/Time of the Maintenance Record.
  3. Click here to view any procedural documents that were selected in the Maintenance Program.
  4. For each task select the person who completed the task.
  5. Enter any relevant details here.
  6. Also note any chemicals that may have been used during the maintenance work.
  7. If you record equipment downtime as part of your Maintenance Program then you can record it here.
  8. Include a list of parts used in the maintenance process..
  9. If a cleaning program has been associated with this maintenance program a cleaning record will be automatically generated. Clicking this link will take you to the correct cleaning record.

3. Conduct a Verification & Release

Conduct a Verification & Release
  1. Complete the verification & release questionnaire, making any notes as required.
  2. Enter any relevant verification & release details.
  3. Ticking this box indicates that the item of equipment is safe for production use.

Note: Remember that if something that requires a correct action has arisen during the cleaning it can always be added to the record by selecting Actions > Add Related Records > Corrective Action.

Print a Blank Maintenance Record

Print a Blank Maintenance Record

You may wish to have a blank copy of the maintenance record that staff can complete by hand and return to you. This is done simply by opening the record and clicking Actions > Get PDF > Blank. Simply clicking this option will download a blank PDF of the record and allow you to disseminate it as you wish.

The blank document will include the relevant pre/post work risk assessment and verification as well as the maintenance task list. The header information will also be present on the document to allow you to easily reconcile the paper record back to the electronic record.