1. Enter Risk Assessment Details

Enter Risk Assessment Details
  1. Select the date of the risk assessment.
  2. For each criteria item select the Risk Rating associated with it and enter a justification. This will give you a risk result at the bottom of the table. The criteria provided is based upon the supplier type as defined in the supplier page.
  3. Select how the supplier is to be approved and the person responsible for that approval.
  4. Enter any notes made or a summary report.

2. Define Monitoring Plan

Define Monitoring Plan
  1. Enter checks which will be carried out on the supplier. A default list of checks is provided when the record is created which you are free to change as required.
  2. If the check is to be performed then select ‘Yes’.
  3. Select the frequency of the check from the available options.
  4. Enter any relevant details pertaining to the check.