Configuring a Traceability Audit Program (Video)

1. Enter Traceability Program Details

  1. Enter the name of the traceability program.
  2. Select the type of traceability program – either ‘Product Trace’ or ‘Ingredient / Material Trace’.
  3. Conduct a brief risk assessment and enter your justification.
  4. Describe the scope of the traceability program.
  5. Select the person responsible for overseeing the traceability program.

2. Enable Program Schedule

See the article on program scheduling for further assistance.

3. Configure Traceability Audit Checklists

At this point you can either choose to use our built-in checklists which are developed against GFSI requirements or configure your own. These checklists are used in various stages of the traceability test / audit.

Plan Checklist: This checklist defines the steps and actions in your traceability audit plan.

Document Checklists: Contains a list of certain documents that you will need to check are present and up-to-date in order to show that your traceability system is working as it should.

Close out Checklists: Contains questions about how successful the traceability test exercise has been, etc.