The Training Module in Safefood 360° is designed to allow users set up, plan and record training programs required to meet the GFSI and food retailer standards. The module is integrated with other modules within the application and facilitates the building of bespoke training programs catered for individual employees, their job description, role and responsibilities. To build a program the user first defines the various job descriptions followed by the specific employees. Training programs are then specified and associated with an employee based on a risk assessment of the employee’s duties, nature and stage of employment and food safety standard requirements.

How to Set Up a Training Program

1. Enter Training Program Details

  1. Enter the name of the training program.
  2. Enter a description of the training program.
  3. Select the trainer which can be either an employee or a supplier.
  4. Select the location where the training will be conducted.
  5. Select the duration of the training in hours or days.
  6. Conduct a brief risk assessment and enter your justification.
  7. List the learning objectives of the training program.
  8. Include what content will be covered during the training.

2. Enable Review Schedule

Refer to the article on program scheduling for further assistance.

3. Define Training Program Content

  1. List the content requirements of the training program.
  2. Select any relevant training procedures or documents which will be used during the training.

4. Define Review Checklist

  1. Select the checklist that will be presented at the Training Review stage of the workflow.

5. Define Training Competency Assessment

If you wish to conduct a very basic competency assessment following the training you can use this section.

  1. Enter the examination question and correct answer.
  2. Select the exam assessor.