Completing a Training Record

1. Enter Training Details

  1. Select the date of the training.
  2. Select the trainer. This could be an employee or an external service provider.
  3. Confirm the location of the training.
  4. Confirm the duration of the training.
  5. Click to open the associated training procedure.
  6. Enter a brief report on the training conducted.

2. Enter Training Record

By default when a training is created all Employees will be loaded into the training record.

  1. Check this box for each employee who attended the training.
  2. Select whether the content was covered.
  3. If an examination was conducted then select the result they achieved.
  4. In line with best practice as training for each employee is recorded the user has the option to rate the effectiveness of the training using a competency scale. The scale is designed to allow the user to record the competency of the trainee post training. This assessment should be conducted by a person who has achieved ‘Trainer’ status for the specific program in question. The scale is defined as follows:
  • No Skills / Knowledge: The trainee has acquired no skills or knowledge relating to the training objectives defined in the program.
  • Basic: The trainee has acquired basic knowledge but no practical skills relating to the training program.
  • Some Experience: The trainee has acquired both some basic knowledge and experience relating to the objectives of the training program.
  • Supervision: The trainee has acquired sufficient knowledge and skills allowing them to perform the specific job or task under the supervision of a fully competent person.
  • Competent: The trainee is fully competent to perform the specific job or task without supervision.
  • Trainer: With the training and experience accumulated the person may conduct training with other employees for the program in question.
  1. Select whether retraining is required for the employee.

When the training record is saved any employees who did not attend will be removed from the table.

3. Conduct Training Review

Complete the post training review questionnaire.


Remember: If needed, a Corrective Action can always be generated through the Actions menu.