Adding a new Unit of Measurement (Video)

What are units of measurement used for?

All categories, including units, are used to set up a predefined list of elements that can then be applied throughout the Safefood 360° solution without having to type these categories twice, or the fear of an operator not knowing the correct category. Units are used for measuring something – whether its quantity, size, velocity, volume, etc.


  • Units of weight
  • Units of height
  • Units of product
  • Units of density

1. Enter Unit of Measurement Details

  1. Enter the name of the unit.
  2. Save the Unit of Measurement into the Units folder.
  3. Enter a description of the unit.
  4. Enter the number of sub-units in this unit. In the example above, the unit comprises of 12×12 cartons which means each unit has 144 sub units.