1. Enter Inspection Report Details

Enter Inspection Report Details
  1. Select the date of the inspection.
  2. Confirm the employee or supplier conducting the inspection.
  3. Select the person who escorted the supplier, if a supplier conducted the inspection.
  4. Any procedures that were defined in the inspection program are included and able to be viewed.
  5. For each monitoring point select whether activity was found and provide details including a count. You can also specify whether an activity report is required.
  6. Confirm whether each chemical as defined in the program was in fact used.
  7. Enter any notes and commentary on the inspection. If the chemicals assigned in the program were not used it would be useful to state what was used in their place or the reason they were not chosen.

2. Report any Observations and Actions Required

Report any Observations and Actions Required

The observations & actions required section allows you to (optionally) report any observations and define certain actions to be conducted following the inspection. At a minimum you should;

  1. Enter the observation and action required.
  2. Select the person responsible for carrying out that action.
  3. The deadline by which the action should be conducted.

At this point the form can be saved and will remain in an ‘open – observations & actions required’ state until the action is taken. At which point;

  1. Select the person who completed the action. (This may or may not be the ‘responsible person’).
  2. Select the date when the action was completed.

3. Complete Inspection Result

Complete Inspection Result
  1. Select an inspection result – Pass / Fail.
  2. Enter your closing summary report.