The Management Review program allows you to automatically schedule your management reviews, prepare a standard agenda for the meetings, and list out the necessary participants. Creating the program once will help you align all your future management reviews to follow this same format and save time in planning, scheduling and preparing the meetings.

1. Set program details

Set program details
  1. Label your Management Review program. For instance ‘Annual Management Review’ or ‘Bi-annual PRP Review’.
  2. Then you need to select the type of program, either Management Review or PRP Review. Management Review is used for your usual comprehensive reviews where you are looking at your entire operation whereas PRP review is specific to the pre-requisite programs.
  3. Select the person responsible for this program.

2. Schedule the program

Schedule the program

Ticking both boxes will allow the user to automatically schedule a repeat of the Review at a specified time and have the system generate an email notification reminder.

3. Meeting Details

Meeting Details
  1. Select the checklists that will form the agenda for the management review
  2. Link your program to any documents that you might want to review during the management review meeting
  3. Prepare a list of likely participants. You will be able to change the list of attendees later on when taking the meeting minutes but it will save you time to prepare a list already at this point.