Creating your own Risk Assessment model allows you to embed this model into your Food Safety Plans and use it as part of your hazard analyses. The risk assessment model type used in Safefood 360° is a risk matrix where one dimension describes ‘probability’ and the other shows the ‘severity’ of the risk. These two dimensions are then multiplied to come up with a final number. You can choose the cut-off points for which score corresponds to which risk level.


1. Add Risk Assessment Model

Add Risk Assessment Model

In the Food Safety Planning screen select Add Model and then Risk Assessment Model.

2. Enter Model Details

Enter Model Details
  1. Give your risk assessment model a name
  2. Select a folder in which your model will be stored
  3. Add the wanted number of dimensions to your model. For example, most common models used in the industry have anything from 3 to 5 lines.
  4. Describe each level of probability. Note that you should order the items from the least likely to the most likely.
  5. Describe each level of severity. Note that you should order the items from the least severe to the most severe.

3. Enter Risk Rating Details

Enter Risk Rating Details
  1. Select what score corresponds to the cut-off point for each risk level. In the example above any risk score (probability x severity) that amounts to 8 or less is considered low risk, anything between 9 and 12 is medium risk and anything above is high risk.
  2. You then need to provide a short description for each risk level.