Both Approving and Reviewing a document follow the same procedure.

Here, reviewing a document in the documents module involves analyzing (reviewing) a document, when changes can be made, and accepting (approving) changes that are made to this document by another user. Once approved the document is then finalized in the system and can be used for other processes.

Example: R&D acquire a new piece of equipment which needs to be insured. Therefore, their insurance policy document needs to be edited to include all information on the piece of equipment.

Review: A technician reviews the policy to ensure that all specs in regards to the piece of equipment are correct.

Approval: The legal department must approve this new policy before it is accepted into the database.

1. Find the Document to Approve / Review

There are two ways to find a document awaiting approval / review.

1.1. Use the Actions Grid in Documents Module

1.2. Use the My Actions Tab on Dashboard

Any document approvals that have been assigned to you will show up under the My Actions tab on the Main Dashboard.

2. Approve the Document

Only necessary for document approval.

To approve a document simply click the green Approve button. If you decide to reject or disapprove a document you will be prompted to give a reason for the rejection.

2.1. Review and Accept / Reject document

Only necessary for document review.

To Accept a document review simply click the green “Accept” button. If you decide to reject the changes to a document, simply click the “Reject” button and you will be prompted to give a reason for the rejection.

2.2. Document will now show Approved

Document will show approved when all assigned approval users have approved the document. The table on the right tells you the story of the document approval version by version.

3. Document Workflow

Below is a flowchart that describes the workflow of a document and how a new version is added.

Note that if a document is Rejected or Disapproved, the state of that document will then become “Awaiting Change” and will stay in that state until a new file is added to the document and the approval process is started again.

Document Version Workflow