You can associate documents from the Documents module with non-conformance categories in the categories module. This means that when a customer complaint is created it is easy to retrieve the relevant complaint response for that particular non-conformance.

1. Associate Response Document with Non-conformance

The first step is to ensure that you have associated the relevant response document with each non-conformance category in the Categories module from Master Data. You can see how to do that here.


Note: Response letters must be created as a template and are not to be generated for each specific complaint in the software. If you do not associate a response document with the non-conformance in the Categories module the next stage will not display when you view the complaint in the Actions menu.

2. Generate Response

Generate Response

When the above association is in place, anytime you create a customer complaint against that non-conformance you will have a ‘Get Response’ option in your Actions menu.

Simply click Actions > Get Response. This will open the response document on your screen ready for printing or emailing to your customer.

See also article: Working with Response Templates.