Safefood 360° is a world class enterprise software application backed by world class customer support. Although the software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use there may be times when you just want to speak with a customer support agent. There are a number of ways to get help with the application, many of which you will find under the Help menu.

1. User Guide

If you are reading this then you are probably already aware of the comprehensive user guide you have at your finger tips. You will find a detailed step by step guide with pictures for every task and function you will ever need to complete in the system – and it’s searchable too!

2. Feedback Tab

The single most effective and popular method of sending us a question is by using the Feedback Tab which you will find in every screen of the application. Simply click it, enter your question and expect a response within a few hours at most (our average response time is less than an hour). On the form you will see a check box to attach a screen capture of whats on your screen for the support agent – please use this feature as it will ensure a faster response and resolution to your query.

3. Email

Although we prefer support requests to be submitted using the Feedback Tab we do like email too. Simply send your question or request to

4. Telephone

Telephone support is typically reserved for customers on the Enterprise plan. Please speak with your Safefood 360° sales representative if you would like to add telephone support to your account.

5. Partners

Our global network of partners provides top quality professional consultancy and training support to Safefood 360° customers. Each partner is certified and trained by us. For more information and to find a partner in your area check out